AlphaStar Version 1.31 Free trial

Video Artists hold you breath ! The spectacular creation of sensational special effects has arrived

AlphaStar is the new advanced Adobe After Effects software. Effecient and user-friendly, it has the outstanding capability to produce natural , artificial and fantastical effects. Most commonly used amongst video artists, this all-powerful tool is necessary for easy creation of breathtaking lighting effects.

AlphaStar comprises of presets mechanism in the user interface .Each module had a multitude of adjustable parameters which features include;

-Ability to create single flashes, stars, flare and emulates physical phenomena.
- A particles systems consisting of myriads of lighting stars.
- Highlights on brightly parts of raster sources and adjust and animates many parameters.
- Stars and lights on borders of opaque objects.
- Vector mask and raster contours can both be used as source of stars.
-Video decoration
- High quality 64-bit drawing

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